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Jul 18

Anonymous said: ficllet prompt if you want: "Share a coke with Derek" appearing at the loft courtesy of Stiles and Derek making a "Stiles" label (really badly drawn, probs) because where on earth would he find an actual one with the name Stiles????


[Newly established relationship fluff.]

Derek wants to be good at this relationship, he really does, he just feels often that Stiles is constantly out-relationshipping him. When Derek complained about his pillow being too lumpy, Stiles showed up with a brand-new luxury memory foam pillow with a bow on it. Derek cooks Stiles dinner one time and bakes some curly fries from the supermarket’s frozen aisle, the next week Stiles whips up a three-course meal and Derek’s favorite dessert. 

And then the random presents start. They’re just little things, like the black licorice Twizzlers that Derek knows that Stiles hates but Derek loves showing up in the glove compartment of the Jeep, and then the laundry detergent brand that makes Derek’s henleys soft and nice-smelling but got discontinued in Beacon Hills (did Stiles drive all the way to Redding to get this?) 

So when the Coke bottle shows up in Derek’s fridge with “Share a Coke with Derek,” Derek decides this is it, he’s going to get Stiles the equivalent present or better or so help him.

It’s fairly obvious to him that a  ”Stiles” Coke isn’t going to be available in his local Supermarket, so Derek drives three hours to the nearest Coke factory, figuring they’d make custom bottles at the source. 

"How long is it going to take?" Derek asks incredulously as the woman adjusts her "Irene" nametag and looks up from her computer. 

"Six to eight weeks, now how many hundred did you want?" Irene asks expectantly. 

"No, I just want one,” Derek insists. 

Irene stares at him blankly. “You’re welcome to buy single cans or bottles of our extensive “Share With” inventory in the gift shop,” she says. “Custom orders start at a hundred.”

Derek blanches at the price.

He’s standing in the gift shop, looking at all the different names, silently fuming when he spots it. 


Would it be too soon? Maybe?

Derek buys it anyways so the trip wasn’t for nothing, heart pounding as they ring it up. As soon as he gets back home he stuffs it into the back of his fridge and forgets about it when a kelpie decides to make the Beacon Hills lake its new home, stressing the pack out for weeks. 

When the whole kelpie catastrophy is over, Stiles is hanging out at the loft with him and they’re having a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. It’s nice and relaxing, and Stiles is curling into his chest under his arm, and everything seems perfect. Twenty minutes in Stiles gets up and heads for the kitchen. “I’m gonna get me a soda, you want one?” 

"Sure," Derek says.

Stiles is rooting about in the fridge when he calls out, “Derek? What’s this?” 

He’s holding the can, the one Derek decided maybe they weren’t at that point yet and it has been a terrible purchase but he couldn’t bring himself to throw out. Stiles brings it back over to Derek on the couch, looking at it in amazement. “Is this for me?” Stiles asks. 

"Yeah," Derek says breathlessly. 

"I thought you said they weren’t real?" 

"That was before you," Derek says. 

Jul 18
Jul 18



i swear, disney channel had a lot of meaningful shows back then. what happened?

gordo was the biggest dork ever and I loved him to death pls come back 

Jul 18
Jul 18
Jul 18





The Faith of the Seven

Great post, but “Yara” (Asha) Greyjoy shouldn’t be the Warrior. She’s not relevant enough for that in the show, and she’s much more important in the books. I would have put Sandor Clegane or Brienne of Tarth there.

Even Robert or Drogo would have been better

Agreed; even they have more justifiable screen time than her on the show. I do think she was well-cast, however, but the show hasn’t quite done right by her character yet. 

Asha Greyjoy has all the characteristics of the Warrior. She has strength in battle (her soldiers and men under her command are loyal to her and see her as a worthy leader despite the fact that she is working within gender boundaries set by her culture), and is courageous and victorious in war so that’s why she was made the Warrior. It wasn’t about screen time, it was about how well the characters fit into the roles—and for the warrior any number of characters would have fit but Asha doesnt get nearly enough recognition from the fandom so that’s why I picked her over someone like Sandor or Brienne, both of whom are generally loved by the fandom :)

Jul 17

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Voting ends on Saturday, August 9th.

Jul 17


Can you imagine Harry trying to parent his children and tell them they need to settle down but then James Sirius just pulls out his edition of Harry James Potter: A History and goes, “When you were my age you followed an alleged mass murderer into a tunnel, faced a werewolf and nearly got killed by dementors. I think I can go to The Bent-Winged Snitches concert.” 

Jul 17
Jul 17



People have offered many potential explanations for this discrepancy, but this ad highlights the importance of the social cues that push girls away from math and science in their earliest childhood years.

Watch the powerful Verizon advertisement to really understand what a little girl hears when you tell her she’s pretty.

This is so important. Girls pay attention. Boys, if you are a brother, father, cousin of a girl, pay attention.